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Reality Paradox is an art exhibition featuring work from Joseph Dunkerley and students of Ashford School. The show is occurring between the 20th and the 24th of January 2020 in St Mary's Church, Ashford. This is the paperless PDF format digital booklet for the exhibition.

Introduction to the Artist in Residence Joseph Dunkerley and his exhibition, Reality Paradox:

Joseph Dunkerley, is 24 year old multi disciplined artist specialising in digital art and animation. Coming from a background in independent video game design and starting work as a 3D artist on the 2016 voxel based fast paced shooter ‘Critical Annihilation’; before dabbling in Virtual Reality and later going on to work as the 'Artist in Residence' at Ashford School. His animated work explores the intricate relation between the visual and motion aspects of art, crafting highly expressive surrealist dreamscapes from the depths of the human imagination and breathing life into them through the virtual puppetry of animation. He dances the line between minimalist and maximalism, drawing influences from both mediums, sculpting them into a high energy fusion with a distinctly surrealist edge.

During this time as artist in residence he has crafted a slew of high concept pop surrealist animations; delved deep into the digital world of abstract game development to produce the pixel based experimental indie title 'Dawndusk Dream Sewer'; collaborated on a series of designer art toys; fused flesh and fiction in an outlandish projection installation; teamed up with musicians to produce bespoke VJ content for the 2019 Amsterdam Dance Event concert 'Tasty Showdown'; had four badge designs selected as winning entries for the annual StereoHype contest (StereoHype is a graphic art label and online London based boutique) and is working behind the scenes on launching an upcoming series of luxury necklaces, stickers, enamel pins and badges.

The art exhibition 'Reality Paradox' is a homage to the multiverse theory, in which there exists an infinite number of universes wherein the potential for anything and everything can exist. In every decision and occurrence, no matter the scale, endless possibilities are split across an infinite number of parallel universes; every conceivable outcome made real, existing beyond reach and perception in its own nested existence. In 'Reality Paradox' we pull back the invisible veil that separates these countless alternative dimensions, opening our limited perception to the fragmented distortions of the swirling, mind altering chaos of the endless. This exhibition approaches the baffling immensity of the multiverse theory from a local angle, displaying familiar setting and metaphorically flipping them on their head. Ashford in essence becomes a point of convergence, transforming the surrounding area into a localised melding point of infinite possibilities. The artwork offers strange and surreal glimpses into other universes quite unlike our own, conceptualising world's of altered circumstance of varying scales; evolutionary glitches, digitalised time fluctuations, physics that refuse to abide to our own, broken planes of reality and lucid visions; nothing is off the table in 'Reality Paradox'!


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